If you do not currently generate at least 30% of your global revenues from Europe, then consider the following:

  • The European Union''s combined GDP is 15% larger than the USA at $19,7tn (FY2018)
  • FY2017 revenue for Airbus was $66.8B
  • Europe represents over one third of worldwide ICT budget spend

But remember that Europe is a highly diverse economic region:

  • The European Union consists of 28 countries with 21 distinct languages
  • It is a collection of separate national economies, each with its own culture, laws and business practices.
  • Important countries such as Switzerland, Norway, Turkey and Russia are outside of the EU

The capacity and requirements of these individual national markets varies tremendously, with GDPs ranging from less than $20bn to over $3,700bn. One size does not fit all in Europe!

A successful approach to Europe should include:

  • A business development strategy matched to the nuances of the market
  • A launch plan that establishes awareness and credibility
  • An on-going public relations and marketing programme to create brand awareness and stimulate demand
  • A channel programme that leverages the most efficient channels to market, resulting in lower sales costs, higher margins and lower risk